all of my recent asshat exes can fuck off forever tbh

most recent is a fucking scammer, the one before him only wanted me for specific physical things and the one before him just randomly decided to never speak to me again

for a guy who’s supposedly recovering I sure do feel pissy

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Reblog if you believe there are not just two genders

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I get to be an arrogant little git when I’ve been repeatedly called an unlovable he-she freak

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On one hand, I want to be the knight in black spiked armour for a dashing rogue with obsidian hair.

On the other, if I like someone in that way, they hurt me basically every time.

So honestly, I don’t fucking know what to do when I have all these feels. Well, I do, and the answer is “you do NOT want me to post that”. :P

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absolutely disgusting

I fucking know, right? this is why I’m fucking terrified of white cis guys in the ~kink community~. their fantasies matter more to them than any pain they cause the other person.

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whenever I like someone in *that way* it goes wrong so fuck that for a bag of fish

my heart is cold and dead


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Thor smite fascists, or give me the ability to fucking DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM

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do not fucking reblog this[TW: cissexism/transphobia, rape culture, forced feminization, dysphoria, just EVERYTHING]

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wtf what do 3/4 of my followers do because they sure don’t reblog or like my posts

seriously what do you guys do

are you waiting for something

what are you waiting for

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my soul is heavier than my body, with the things I’ve been told in the dark by others who had companions with no knowledge of the truth.

I wish I had a companion, then I’d tell him all of it. all those things nobody must ever know.

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